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Another "real" musician comes to realize the greatness of MM!

FROM: ハロプロキャンバス

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From the blog of LoVendoR's support bassist, Kiyoshi (female)
I wrote this on twitter too, but I really am grateful for being called over for support this time!
I usually only listen to the band music, and that's what I've been doing forever, so I had completely no idea what kind of music the idols sang or danced to, and what kind of work they were doing. Especially in the recent few years, as I've stopped watching TV.
So this time, I've really started to check what they were all about. Checking Youtube, seeing wikipedia, etc. (laughs)
And what I've found out is this: Idols are awesome! Or should I say, Morning Musume is awesome!! I didn't know idols had become something like this! Amazing! The dance, the song, it's really high-level stuff!
I was simply astonished from the very first song I listened to, but these people do this for 2 hours, singing and dancing the whole way, right? And they're not lip sync! With their level of performance, you'd say it's okay, you can just go with the lip sync, but no-they-do-not!
And what's more, they're kawaii. Huh, of course you'd want to cheer for them (laughs)
Their performance is something that's backed up with great amount of effort. It's really persuasive. I like this! I like how you can feel the passion and work they've put into, to make the thing "their thing"!
If I had not been called over, I would spend my days without knowing them. Daaamn that was close!!! SO thankful that I got to know them! Thank god for the chance to meet them!

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Who is Kiyoshi san:
Kiyoshi is a nickname. Bassist. From Osaka.
Learned piano as a child, turned to the bass from 15.

She's been working with a number of bands in Kansai, and came to Tokyo on 2009. Joined THE HUSKY with Yuki Maeda (ex. Whiteberry), LEVIN (La'cryma Christi). Started INSIDE ME with Ryosuke Kojima (ex. PICK2HAND / KELUN), and Masashi Tabei (ex. detroit7). 2012, organizes THE MADCAP LAUGHS with Sakura (ZIGZO / ex. L'Arc-en-Ciel), aie (the god and death stars). Support member of / doing sessions with, many number of artists; ALvino, ZIGGY, Kenji Hayashida... and more!

Has a reputation for her sure playing skills with a very original style with influences from numerous genres of music. Especially her powerful and percussive slap is a must see. The intense live performances are unmatched by any. She also has a unique history teaching at a Guitar crafting school as well.

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> persuasive
makes sense

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Yeah, if they see it, they'd know

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Good news, good news

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She's playing with Morishige san from ZIGGY!

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Come to think of it, I too had not been even close to idols in the beginning

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> I was simply astonished from the very first song I listened to
From this writing, she mustn't have listened to many songs. I wonder which song it was.

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It's at the end of the blog, but she seems to like HELP ME!

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*Recent tweets on top

Exactly! The amount of effort they've put into will scare the hell out of those dull bands out there!! RT @KaorinDrums: @kiyoshi_1031 This support thing really gets you into idols, right? (laughs)

Regardless of the genres they're in, I really like how people who you can feel the passion and work they've put into, to make the thing "their thing"! It's really cool! I respect them!

I've always been doing bands, and that's what I've been listening to, so if I had not gotten this offer as a support member, I would've never known about the music and the performance of the idols. I was about to spend my life without knowing how cool they were! Thank god I was able to catch up! THANK. YOU.

I'm ashamed I didn't know this...

Lip sync? Hell no!!!

This seems like a song from some time ago, but I like it a lot! The guitar at the intro is already majestic! The dance is, too! 浪漫 ~MY DEAR BOY~…

Would you just look at how crisp it is? No cuts!

This. Dance, the song, it's all so cool!! I'm watching it again and again!
『Help me!!』 (Dance Shot Ver.):

I totally agree RT @KaorinDrums: The song Takui Nakajima san wrote for LoVendoR is really fascinating. Arrange is great, too.

This shows that you'r in a girls territory. You can't gobble up the whole bottle! Buhahaha

Was at LoVendoR minilive at Shibuya Tower Records! Was my first time there! Fun.

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RAM RIDER also had good comments on "Help me!!", and the author of MOTEKI started to check MM from the song, too.

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Yahoo: The dance of the MM's new song is possibly the best ever
YouTube Morning Musume "Help me!!" 's Dance Shot ver. has been released, and their glorious dance performance is getting some spotlight. Some claiming it to be the "best ever", the dynamic moves in the dance is definitely something you don't want to miss.

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Many Musume wota have a musical background

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She's in a band with aie? (laughs)

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Reina will have many sessions with other musicians, so I do hope MM spreads in the musicians' world through Reina.

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We've been discovered!

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See it, and you'd know

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Some things that the wotas think is a standard, is pretty cool from somebody that's not a wota.

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This person names Les Claypool from Primus at the top of the list for her favorite bassist. She can be trusted.

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I know how she feels, because I also had a time where I had let H!P go unnoticed. The regret to not knowing this is awful! Good things have a reason

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A lot of people like 浪漫. I personally am not so wild about it though

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If you're the generation that's been soaked in the 80s band sound, you have some reasons to be happy about the guys that's playing the song

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Musicians love H!P so much

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Doesn't this person mean the Platinum era?

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Her favorite is Help me!!

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H!P is basically for the dances, so the bass is pretty firm. May be something interesting if your ear is adjusted to the band ensembles

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She was more of a beautiful woman than I thought

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The bass person changed? I liked the previous person, she was cute

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No, they didn't change. She's just in for temporary support

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This always reminds me how the H!P recording band staff is pretty well skilled

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"Daaamn that was close!!!" shows it's real


  1. I was at Shibuya Tower Records minilive. Yes, she's totally cool and pretty !! More to that, I think her style / movement was ... sexy.