Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Great news! Reina's boobs have grown

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It's the same clothes as 6 years ago, so it's easy to compare.

6 years ago (from "GIRL")

↓ ↓ ↓


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Reina has huge boobs

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tell me your stories from Maachan's handshake events! [REQUESTED TRANSLATION]

FROM: ハロプロキャンバス

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I hear she often refuses to shake hands (laughs)

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She was singing when I entered the booth, or was dancing ballet - Maachan wotas enjoy boasting the kinds of rare Maachan activities they witnessed

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Like hiding under the table

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People tell me the hard part is getting a handshake in the first place

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sad news! Kudo to be spotted with a hot blond guy!!

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How tall is this guy

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_ト ̄|○

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I saw the thing on Fuji TV, and was wondering if she'd go, but so she did go (laughs)

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Damn she's cute

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I want to put that silver thing over her head

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I'm curling my eyebrows from now

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Damn... what's going on, H!P...

Another "real" musician comes to realize the greatness of MM!

FROM: ハロプロキャンバス

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From the blog of LoVendoR's support bassist, Kiyoshi (female)
I wrote this on twitter too, but I really am grateful for being called over for support this time!
I usually only listen to the band music, and that's what I've been doing forever, so I had completely no idea what kind of music the idols sang or danced to, and what kind of work they were doing. Especially in the recent few years, as I've stopped watching TV.
So this time, I've really started to check what they were all about. Checking Youtube, seeing wikipedia, etc. (laughs)
And what I've found out is this: Idols are awesome! Or should I say, Morning Musume is awesome!! I didn't know idols had become something like this! Amazing! The dance, the song, it's really high-level stuff!
I was simply astonished from the very first song I listened to, but these people do this for 2 hours, singing and dancing the whole way, right? And they're not lip sync! With their level of performance, you'd say it's okay, you can just go with the lip sync, but no-they-do-not!
And what's more, they're kawaii. Huh, of course you'd want to cheer for them (laughs)
Their performance is something that's backed up with great amount of effort. It's really persuasive. I like this! I like how you can feel the passion and work they've put into, to make the thing "their thing"!
If I had not been called over, I would spend my days without knowing them. Daaamn that was close!!! SO thankful that I got to know them! Thank god for the chance to meet them!

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Who is Kiyoshi san:
Kiyoshi is a nickname. Bassist. From Osaka.
Learned piano as a child, turned to the bass from 15.

She's been working with a number of bands in Kansai, and came to Tokyo on 2009. Joined THE HUSKY with Yuki Maeda (ex. Whiteberry), LEVIN (La'cryma Christi). Started INSIDE ME with Ryosuke Kojima (ex. PICK2HAND / KELUN), and Masashi Tabei (ex. detroit7). 2012, organizes THE MADCAP LAUGHS with Sakura (ZIGZO / ex. L'Arc-en-Ciel), aie (the god and death stars). Support member of / doing sessions with, many number of artists; ALvino, ZIGGY, Kenji Hayashida... and more!

Has a reputation for her sure playing skills with a very original style with influences from numerous genres of music. Especially her powerful and percussive slap is a must see. The intense live performances are unmatched by any. She also has a unique history teaching at a Guitar crafting school as well.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sayashi cuts her hair short!

FROM: ハロプロまとめ+

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Wow she's cute

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Better than I thought

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She looks like that somebody
Who was it...

Where's Maachan? (Difficulty: Hard)

FROM: 2ch, ハロプロキャンバス

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WTF is this (laughs)

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Chills are running down my spine

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I can't look around, I've got my eyes caught on Ayacho

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All I see is their boobs

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rumors of MM teamwork at Ongakuno hi


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Someone said on youtube's comment

Ishida drops her hair ornament at the dance battle-->
Just before "kayowaki otome" Oda points to it, eye contact w/ everyone -->
Just before "kayotteru school" Kudo sees it, sits on it to hide it from audience -->
Ikuta confirms the target on "Kenageni" -->
Ikuta kicks it out of the stage at "Hitomishiri"

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To be realistic, didn't Ikuta kick it just because it was in her way? Even that too seems like a coincidence

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Just saw it but it was a nice kick